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    RecordPro is the strongest statistical analysis program available. RecordPro is efficient, accurate, customisable and provides powerful reports.

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Efficient, Accurate, Powerful
Sports Injury Analysis

RecordPro is the strongest statistical analysis program available. It is an excellent tool for team practitioners, event managers, National Sports Organisations (NSOs) and team administrators. It is based on a strong research platform that allows high level, reliable data analysis and reporting of individual athletes, practitioners, teams, associations and events.

Record it once. Record it right.
RecordPro makes it easy to record accurate data and since it's digital, there's no need for double entry that you get with paper records.

RecordPro has proven to be 30% more accurate than paper records.

Full of Features
Track injuries and illnessnes, mangage teams and track your training records. The richness of the data collected allows you to produce powerful reports.

Concussion Screening
RecordPro is working with HeadSmart™ and incorporating the FirstResponder Application into the system. FirstResponder helps you to recognise concussion and be alert to the warning signs of structural brain injury. RecordPro highlights the date and number of concussions for you to safely and effectively manage return to play. Learn more at www.sportsconcussionaustralasia.com

Australian Owned
RecordPro is 100% Australian owned and operated.


"RecordPro has greatly enhanced our ability to monitor and oversee the loading, training regimes, competition performances and health/injury status of all our Olympic squad and state institute players. The players find it easy to complete and far less cumbersome than the old system of completing training logs on spread sheets and then emailing them through each week. The daily monitoring for wellness and injury self-assessment is extremely informative and alerts the coaches and medical staff to possible early onset of injuries or other factors that may hinder training or competition. With RecordPro we get instant informative feedback on a daily basis, and collated weekly/monthly summaries of all the players."

John Fox
Head Coach
Australian Men's Water Polo