About RecordPro

RecordPro is an athlete management program that has been built from the ground up to be a research tool for those in the sports healthcare community. The need to capture reliable sports injury data quickly and remotely started the whole idea. Frustration at double handling of data and potential for error in data entry meant that something efficient needed to be developed. It was from here that RecordPro began.

The original version was developed for the Windows Mobile platform to be used on PDAs and mobile phones. This functionality and diversity remains in the new versions which see RecordPro being browser driven and available on all web enabled hand held devices with a touch screen.

The new FREE RP Lite makes accurate sports medicine record keeping accessible to everyone.

With each further development of program, the team at RecordPro remain committed to providing a research empowered program allowing multiple level data drilling and analysis in as many ways as possible and maintain the integrity necessary for valid, reliable and robust research under any scrutiny. It is the goal of the RecordPro team to see a growing database of athlete data allowing better interpretation and analysis of injury profiles to help reduce athlete injury through reliable conclusions.