RecordPro Features

  • A complete sport injury and athlete management system
    RecordPro is the strongest statistical analysis program available. It is an excellent tool for team practitioners, event managers, National Sports Organisations (NSOs) and team administrators. It is based on a strong research platform that allows high level, reliable data analysis and reporting of individual athletes, practitioners, teams, associations and events.
  • Comprehensive
    RecordPro allows for the recording of not only sports injuries but also illnesses and medications. It also allows you to differentiate between training and competition injuries, manage teams within larger squads and record support staff utilisation statistics.
  • Powerful Reports
    The real power of RecordPro is unleashed through its reporting capability. RecordPro has been developed specifically to obtain the richest set of data possible. This allows the extrapolation of a wealth of information from the data that has been captured. The result of this enables us to produce clear, concise, professional reporting of your data; produced rapidly with strong, research based statistical integrity.
  • Customisable
    The full version of RecordPro provides statistical analysis of all facets of injury and athlete treatment and it has flexibility for sport specific requirements. It also maintains consistent definitions for accurate comparative data analysis across all user defined fields including sports, locations, age, pain level, practitioners and almost any other variable you feel important. All data is live and reporting available on the spot, tailored to your requirements.
  • Permissions
    RecordPro and RP Lite offer a fully customisable user permission system. Choose what athletes, different practitioner types, coaches and trainers can see. Each one of your teams can be separately managed allowing you complete control at every level.
  • Secure
    RecordPro and RP Lite are highly encrypted, ensuring top level safety and privacy of data. At the user level, multiple level access means that even for those with access to the system, privacy is still protected. Military grade encryption protects sensitive data.
  • Accurate
    At the Sydney World Masters Games, both paper records and RecordPro were used and RecordPro proved to be 30% more accurate than paper records.