Depending on your package, we offer full customisation and data import to tailor the application to suit your needs. This includes customisable data collection fields for your specific sports or treatment needs and customisable reporting and data transfer.

RP Lite Free Version

With some reduced functionality, we have managed to bring RP Lite to life. This free version allows the user all the necessary features to maintain their team medical records, extract key reports and keep an eye on concussions. RP Lite is specifically aimed at community level sport and will feed into research projects to help create safer sporting environments. Regardless of your sport, we are encouraging everyone to sign up to RP Lite to test the waters. If you decide that you would like to get more out of your experience we can find a solution for you on the full version of RecordPro. RP Lite is fast, fun and easy to use. Apply here for your free license to RP Lite.

RecordPro Full Version

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